Investment Philosophy

First, it’s important to note that investing involves trade-offs. There is not a single investment that delivers preservation, a high level of current income, and the potential for growth all at once. As an investor it’s important that you understand the trade-offs involved. We use your financial plan to illustrate the options available to you and show you how certain investments will be best aligned to your purpose.


Building and Growing Wealth

We seek to achieve higher expected take-home returns (returns minus fees, taxes and behavioral mistakes) for our clients.  We typically invest in globally diversified, index-tracking ETFs and mutual funds. In most cases we do not seek to add any form of market alpha by stock picking, sector weighting or market timing.  To help clients improve their performance on a risk-adjusted, after-tax, and after-fee basis we manage portfolios on an individual level, ensuring optimal behaviors such as rebalancing, tax loss harvesting and goal tracking.



Delivering Your Retirement Paycheck:

When you hire us to manage your portfolio in retirement it becomes our responsibility to deliver on the retirement income plan we construct for you.

Our chosen custodian is Fidelity Investments, which means your account statements come directly from Fidelity and you have online access to your accounts anytime you wish.

And within your Fidelity account we work with our investment partner, Asset Dedication to build income ladders and growth portfolios tailored to your specific needs. Portfolios are constructed using passive and index mutual funds and ETFs as well as individual bonds and CDs.

Your progress is measured by using your personal Critical Path; a path of your projected future that helps us make portfolio decisions that help secure your future retirement income.

All decisions are made with the goal of achieving after-tax results.