Investment Strategy Retirement Planning Income & Asset Protection Estate Planning Family Conversations
Asset Allocation

What is your asset allocation strategy for stocks, bonds and cash?

How do you determine how much risk to take?

Asset Location

What is your strategy for locating specific investments in taxable versus retirement accounts?


How much do you pay for your investments? How much is fare?

How do you control cost?

Tax Efficient Investing

What are you doing to defer, reduce or minimize the taxes in your investment portfolio?

Savings Strategy

What is your plan for retirement? When? Where? How will you spend your time?

Are you on track to reach your savings goals? How much can you safely spend in retirement?

Income Strategy

What is your strategy to generate income in retirement?

Benefits & Social Security

Do you know what your employer, Social Security and Medicare benefits are and how they fit into your overall planning?


How does your current plan address the risk of you outliving your assets?


What have you done to protect your family’s income?

How would a disability affect your income?

Premature Death

How will your family survive if your income is cut off by untimely death?

Personal Protection

Do you own personal liability coverage? Are you confident you have adequate coverage for yourself, your family, your business?

Have you ever been sued?

Long-Term Care

How would a significant healthcare expense affect your family’s finances?

Estate Planning

What is the primary goal of your estate plan? Avoid taxes? Provide for your family? Charitable giving?

Who are the principal beneficiaries of your estate? Are they up to date?


Do you have a living will, living will, and health care proxy?

Do you have a durable power of attorney in the event you cannot be reached or cannot make decisions?


Does your estate plan include trusts?

Have you opened and funded them?


What is your plan for providing and gifting to your heirs?

What is your charitable giving strategy?


Do you have any children? Are there children from other marriages?

Do you provide any financial assistance to your children?

What are the schooling plans for the kids? How much will it cost? How do you plan to help with those needs?

Parents & Relatives

Are your parents living? How is their health?  Where do they live?

How do your parents provide for their living and medical expenses in retirement? Do you assist them financially?