Growth Portfolios

file-15_the-marketPrimary Objective: long-term growth potential, tax efficiency, low expense, diversification

Secondary Objective: flexibility, liquidity, transparency

Strategy: Seek higher after-tax, after-fee, investment returns by focusing on controllable factors, such as expenses, rebalancing portfolios, harvesting tax-losses and goal tracking. Generally, we do not stock pick, sector weight, or market time.

Investments: exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Fund Families: Vanguard, ishares, Goldman Sachs

Custodian: Fidelity Investments, Betterment Investments

file-31-incomeIncome Portfolios

Primary Objective: predictable income, asset protection, growth potential

Secondary Objective: flexibility, liquidity, transparency

Strategy: Employ a hybrid approach to fund spending needs precisely and predictably. Delivers the best of pension-like income, along with the higher return potential of a traditional growth portfolio.

  1. Begin by carving out and dedicating specific portfolio assets toward a low-risk strategy, which delivers consistent income, regardless of how the markets are performing.
  2. The remainder of the portfolio is invested in a broadly diversified stock growth strategy to replenish the income portion over time.

Investments: Individual bonds, Certificates of Deposit (CDs); along with ETFs and mutual funds

Fund Families: Dimensional, Vanguard, Fidelity, iShares

Custodian: Fidelity Investments.