Growth Portfolio

Below is a sample low-cost, ¹growth portfolio using Vanguard and iShares exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  ²Annual total fund expense for this sample portfolio is 0.10%

ETF growth portfolio
  • Vanguard Total Stock Market VTI
  • Vanguard US Large-Cap Value VTV
  • Vanguard US Mid-Cap Value VOE
  • Vanguard US Small-Cap Value VBR
  • Vanguard Developed Markets VEA
  • Vanguard Emerging Markets VWO
  • Vanguard US High-Quality Bonds BND
  • iShares US Corporate Bonds LQD
  • Vanguard International Bonds BNDX
  • Vanguard Emerging Markets Bonds VWOB
¹Growth Portfolio – This is for example only, NOT a recommendation to purchase or choose these investments.
²Annual Expense – Average annual ETF expense of 0.10% does not include advisor fee (see Fees)

Retirement Income Portfolio

shutterstock_351282620Below is an example of a retirement income portfolio, using the ¹Asset Dedication® strategy.

For example: Client is age 60 and plans to retire in five years at 65. She is feeling optimistic because, at $750,000, her retirement savings balance is the highest its ever been,  but at the same time she worries about the chance of loss in value so close to her retirement.

How can she protect her savings against market risk for her approaching retirement date, but also continue to grow her savings for what is an unknown time frame (longevity) in retirement?

Using the Asset Dedication® strategy, a portfolio is created, tailored specifically to your financial goals, that (1) protects a portion of portfolio assets while approaching / in retirement, (2) provides for predictable & secure income, and (3) positions your portfolio for long-term growth; all while maintaining the flexibility to handle unexpected expenses and adjustments to your plan.

The Asset Dedication® strategy works by segmenting retirement assets into three-sub portfolios (cash, income, growth) and synchronizing the investments to generate the required cash flows to fund retirement needs. It provides a secure income stream for everyday living expenses and other planned outlays while positioning the portfolio for growth to fund later years.


  1. Cash – consists of short-term money market securities – designed to fund your immediate or near-future cash needs
  2. Income – advanced algorithyms help to create the optimal mix of individual bonds (corporate, municipal and goverment) and CDs to fund provide a predictable income stream over your chosen time horizon, regardless of changes in interest rates or how the market performs.
  3. Growth – consists of equities and other long-term capital gain investments that are managed to provide risk-adjusted returns and become the growth engine in the portfolio. This will replenish the Income Portfolio over the lifetime horizon.
¹When hired to create customized income & growth portfolios for clients who are at, or nearing retirement, our chosen investment partner is Asset Dedication. When achieving both security and growth is a requirement, not an option, Asset Dedication builds portfolios, per our  specifications, that use individual fixed-maturity instruments, stocks and cash to their  highest and best use, accomplishing principal protection, predictable income and growth potential.