What to expect when you hire us for your financial planning needs:  

When creating your plan, we begin with what’s most important to you – your goals. And often, this means taking more time in the beginning to help you explore and identify what goals are truly most valuable in your life.

Our best-in-class, web-based planning software allows us to work collaboratively with you, either face-to-face or independently. You also have the ability to review and edit your plan at your convenience, instantly seeing how various decisions, trade-offs, and stress tests affect your results.

Our goal is to present you with a range of possibilities to achieve your goals. We will show you a before and after comparison so you can see which financial planning decisions improve your outcomes.  With a financial plan, you won’t have to wonder if you are doing the right thing, you’ll know.

Our financial planning process is framed around the six-step Certified Financial Planner™ practice standards. And no matter the extent of our engagement, you will be guided through our process as we build your unique plan.


Complimentary discussion

We begin with a complimentary discussion regarding your goals and concerns, after which we’ll discuss if we can help, the services we provide and the estimated time frame and cost

Develop goals and gather data

When developing a picture of your situation we begin with your goals (time frames, amounts, importance). In doing so, we transform what is typically a boring data-collection process into a conversation about what’s important to you. We also gather information on your current financial situation (savings, income, insurance, risk tolerance). This allows us to establish a baseline to begin planning and from which to compare future progress

Analyze your situation

Here we offer something unique– we’ll we establish a logical strategy for you to have a successful plan, and then we’ll encourage you to actively participate in looking at different options, stress testing your concerns and understanding the trade-offs to truly have a hand in designing your unique plan


We will provide specific recommendations in plain English so you will be able to make informed decisions. At this point you are encouraged to share any concerns you have so revisions can be made

Set your course

Here we agree on how finalized recommendations will be carried out. You are presented with a report that explains the recommended changes, including any next steps and who is responsible for them. It is also here that you may hire us to implement and manage any investment objectives of your plan

Track your progress against the goals you’ve established

As you work towards your goals, you and your advisor need to decide who monitors your progress so you stay on track. If you have asked us to be in charge of this, we will check in regularly to review your situation and make any necessary adjustments to your plan