A small-business advantaged 401(k) plan, through The Prudent Planner, provides you everything your business needs to run an efficient, successful, retirement plan that attracts and retains key talent and helps your employees prepare for a comfortable retirement, typically at a discount of 30% or more of what your current plan costs.

Your comprehensive service includes:

Help your employees achieve financial health and wellness from day one with support from a dedicated, onsite Certified Financial Planner™, courtesy of The Prudent Planner.

Dedicated 401(k) plan sponsor ( small-business) client relationship manager.

24/7 Online account access available in both English and Spanish. Participant service team available Monday-Friday, 9:00-6:00 PM (MDT) for employee questions and support.

A 401(k) plan administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the plan; including ensuring that the plan meets all ERISA regulations and deadlines. Our chosen partner currently serves 3,400 plans (75,000 participants) with more than $2.4 billion in assets.

  • Keep your plan documents up to date with applicable laws
  • Complete annual non-discrimination testing (as applicable)
  • Prepare a signature-ready Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report (SAR)
  • Calculate year-end contribution allocations
  • Prepare any required participant notices (e.g., safe harbor 401(k) notice, etc.)

A record keeper is accountable for keeping track of the money.  Our chosen partner is accountable for more than $25 trillion in banking and retirement assets worldwide.

  • Maintain accounting of plan contributions (earnings, distributions, loans)
  • Update share prices, and individual account balances daily
  • Process plan trades, including contributions, distributions, and fund transfers
  • Prepare quarterly benefit statements
  • Originate and maintain participant loans
  • Provide participant enrollment or educational materials

A 401(k) custodian is a third-party firm that holds the money in the plan, but will not exercise any discretion over plan administration or assets.  Our chosen partner provides trust and custody services to 38,000 plan accounts with more than $19 billion in assets.

  • Collect and credit plan level dividends and capital gains
  • Prepare Form 1099’s