Reliable Income

Building a portfolio when predictable income is required
0.5% – 1% annual fee (50 – 100 basis points)

Predictable income, exactly when you need it.

Secondary objective:
Asset protection, growth potential, flexibility, liquidity.

Build a hybrid approach to deliver the best of pension-like income, along with the higher return potential of a traditional portfolio.

◊  First, carve out specific portfolio assets toward a low-risk strategy using individual bonds, CDs and others, which delivers consistent income over your chosen time horizon, regardless of how the market performs.
◊  Next, remainder of portfolio is invested in a broadly diversified stock growth strategy, using a combination of passive and active funds and individual stocks, to replenish the low-risk, income portion over time.

Typical Investments:
◊  Individual bonds
◊  Certificates of deposit (CDs)
◊  Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
◊  Mutual funds,
◊  Individual stocks

Fund Families:
◊  Dimensional Fund Advisors
◊  iShares
◊  Vanguard funds
◊  Fidelity funds

Fidelity Investments