Building your Growth Portfolio (accumulation)

  • Objective: long term growth, diversification, low cost, and tax efficiency
  • Strategy: seek higher returns by focusing on controllable factors (expenses, portfolio rebalancing, dollar cost averaging, and tax efficiency)
  • Typical Investments: Exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds
  • Fund Families: Vanguard, iShares

Building your Income Portfolio (when predictable income is needed)

  • Objective: predictable income, asset protection, growth potential, flexibility, liquidity
  • Strategy: Employ a hybrid approach to deliver the best of pension-like income, along with the higher return potential of a traditional portfolio.
  • Begin by carving out specific portfolio assets toward a low risk strategy, which delivers consistent income over your chosen time horizon, regardless of how the market performs.
  • Remainder of portfolio is invested in a broadly diversified stock growth strategy to replenish the income portion over time.
  • Typical Investments: Individual bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs) and other low-risk investments, along with ETFs, mutual funds, individual stocks
  • Fund Families: Dimensional, Vanguard, Fidelity, iShares