Hourly Financial Consulting
Cost: $125 per hour

Best For:
Individuals and/or couples who, while confident about the big picture, want help or professional advice around a specific topic, such as:

◊  Determining how much life / disability insurance you really need
◊  How to get the most out employer 401(k) and benefits
◊  Retirement savings strategies
◊  How to create reliable income
◊  Choosing the best Social Security or Pension payout option
◊  Annual check up after completing comprehensive financial planning

Hourly financial consulting allows you to pick and choose areas of specific focus and to gain confidence and control around areas of concern.

What you can expect when working with The Prudent Planner:
Complimentary Consultation:
We always begin with a discussion (30 minutes) to understand your situation and what you would like to accomplish.  At the end of this discussion, we will let you know if and how we might be able to help you, or if we do not feel we are the best ones to help you we will point you in the right direction.

◊  You will receive our firm details and privacy policy
◊  A written contract outlining our engagement including fees, goals and expectations

Meetings (in person or via Gotomeeting)
◊  Discovery meeting to get to know you better, identify your goals, and collect relevant information to address your needs
◊  Presentation meeting to discuss / revise recommendations / communicate next steps

You will have secure, online access to your specific areas of planning both during and for 12 months after the planning process.

Written Report:
You will receive a written report, complete with situational analysis, comparisons,       recommendations and concise list of next steps

We are able to assist with implementation of next steps.