Financial planning allows you to see the big picture– a crucial step in being able to prioritize multiple objectives, understand trade-offs, and make good financial decisions.  Our mission is to help you address the six wealth-planning challenges below.

Our $1,250 flat fee – Comprehensive Financial Plan covers all topics below and is personalized for your situation and goals. $150 per hour – Hourly Planning offers you the option to focus on specific challenges.

I.  Goals:
Identify, quantify, organize and prioritize your pre / post retirement financial goals.

II. Investments:
What are you goals, time frames, and risk tolerance? What is your investment strategy?

  • Risk – How much financial risk are you comfortable with? How much risk / return do you actually need to reach your goals?
  • Asset Allocation – What is your allocation for stocks, bonds, cash?
  • Tax-Efficiency– What are you doing to defer, reduce, and minimize taxes in your investment portfolio?
  • Expenses– How much do your investments cost? What is fair?

III. Income / Asset Protection
What have you done to protect your income / assets?

  • DisabilityHow would a disability affect your income? Are you adequately covered?
  • Premature death– Do you have a life insurance protection strategy that will meet your needs? What type and how much do you really need?

IV. Liabilities

  • Liabilities– Amount, terms, type, alternative options
  • Assets– Income, equity, identify available savings
  • Equity
  • Star-tracker– ongoing monitoring of your trajectory in achieving your financial goals

V.  Retirement Planning
What is your plan for retirement? Are you on track to reach your goals? Are you saving enough?

  • Workplace benefits– How is your 401(k) invested? Are you taking full advantage of employer’s benefit options?
  • Retirement accounts– Roth versus Traditional IRA. Work arounds for high income earners.
  • Self-employed / Small business owners– Solo 401(k)s, SEP IRAs, other. Which type is best for your situation? What are your expenses? What is fair?
  • Income strategy– Do you have an plan to turn savings into reliable, monthly cash flow when you need it? What do you think is a realistic sustainable withdraw rate in retirement?
  • Benefits and Social Security– Do you know what your company, Social Security, and Medicare benefits are and how they fit into your overall investment strategy?
  • Longevity planning– How does your current income plan address the risk of outliving your assets?

VI. Estate Planning
What estate planning have you done? What are your goals and  concerns?

  • Wills– do you have a current will?
  • Power of Attorney– do you have health care proxy and durable power of attorney?
  • Trusts– Does your estate plan include trusts and if so have you opened and funded them?
  • Beneficiaires– who do you want to receive your assets and are your assets titled correctly?