What should a 401(k) cost?
Industry average for small plan 401(k)s is 2.12%.
Our plans average 1% annual.  

Our 401(k) fees are not just low, but also 100% transparent and based on headcount as much as possible. Set up, conversion, annual administrative and advising fees are flat fees, not asset-based fees–we do this to keep administrative fees low year after year, even as plan assets continue to grow.

Compare our 401(k) plan to theirs (true story)   

401(k) Plan assets:            $1,200,000
# of participants:               20  

Investments:                      ‘ABC Corp’ funds- C share class
All-in-fee annual:              2.12%
Cost in dollars annual:    $25,440          

401(k) Plan assets:           $1,200,000  

# of participants:              20  
Investments:                     ‘ABC Corp’ funds- institutional share class
All-in-fee annual:             1.38%     
Cost in dollars annual:   $16,560

◊  Our plan is 35% less expense; saving employees $8,880 in annual fees
◊  Returns $76,000 in lost savings to each participant over a typical 30 year career

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