At The Prudent Planner, we are:

PASSIONATE We are committed to helping our clients achieve a secure future, and we have the knowledge, experience and resources to create reliable retirement income strategies and manage wealth for a diverse clientele.

FIDUCIARIES Unlike many financial advisors, wealth managers (and others selling financial products), we adhere to a strict legal standard that demands we always put our client’s best interests first.

INDEPENDENT Our small size is our strength, and your advantage, as we are not bound by the traditional product-pushing, sales-driven culture of most wall-street firms. In fact, we are free to recommend the best solutions for your needs, even if that means recommending nothing at all.

FEEBASED 100% of our revenue comes directly from the clients we serve in a fiduciary capacity– we do not receive commissions or other economic benefit from third parties or referrals.

What we do:

We provide personalized financial planning and investment solutions to individuals and couples who are at, or nearing retirement. Whether your aim is to grow wealth, protect it or both, our job is to help you identify the life goals that you value most, and present you with a range of possibilities, including before / after comparisons, so you can see which financial decisions most improve your outcome.

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John Diehl, CFP® | Founder | President  
Since beginning his financial services career in 1998, John has served as an investment advisor and retirement planner at Fidelity, USAA and Bank of America.  He is passionate about helping clients achieve a secure future; and has the knowledge, experience and resources to design and implement a reliable retirement income strategy and manage wealth for a diverse clientele.

John has an MBA from George Washington University and BS degree from Frostburg State University. He holds his Certified Financial Planner™  designation and maintains an active life and health insurance license with the State of Utah.  John is an active member of the Financial Planning Associaton (FPA) and the Retirement Industry Income Association (RIIA).  He lives in the Salt Lake City area in Utah with his wife, three children and dog “Bosco.”  In addition to advising,  John is a passionate educator and has twice traveled to China with his family to enjoy teaching as a visiting professor of business and marketing.

When hired to create retirement income portfolios, our chosen investment partner is Asset Dedication. Asset Dedication is an industry leader when it comes to designing  non-annuity, pension-like portfolios that deliver predictable income,  along with flexibility and growth potential.  When your goal shifts from growing your wealth for some far-off date to having predictable income on a specific date, Asset Dedication builds portfolios, per our specifications, that use individual fixed-income vehicles (CDs, corporate bonds, treasury bonds, etc) and stocks to their highest and best use, accomplishing principal protection, predictable income and growth potential.