The Prudent Planner | Farmington, UT
We provide financial planning, investment management, employee benefits and retirement consulting to individual, family and small business clients. Whether your focus is growing wealth or generating predictable income, our job is to help you identify the goals you value most, and present you with a range of possibilities, including before / after comparisons, so you can see which financial decisions most improve your outcome.  As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), The Prudent Planner is not affiliated with a large wall street firm, big bank or insurance company, which eliminates costly overhead and marketing expenses. This savings is passed onto our clients in the form of lower fees.

John Diehl | Founder
A Certified Financial Planner™ professional, John established The Prudent Planner in 2016, after 16 years of personal and defined-contribution advising experience with Fidelity, USAA and Bank of America. John has an M.B.A. from George Washington University and a B.S. degree from Frostburg State University. He is an active member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA®) and maintains an active insurance license through the State of Utah.  John lives with his family in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Our Trusted Partners


Asset Dedication | San Francisco, CA | Asset Dedication
When hired to transform savings into predictable income, our chosen partner is Asset Dedication.  Founded in 2002 and managing over $600 million in income portfolios, Asset Dedication is an industry leader when it comes to designing non-annuity, pension-like portfolios that deliver predictable income. Asset Dedication builds portfolios, per our specifications, that use individual fixed-income vehicles (CDs, treasury, corporate, and municipal bonds), stocks and cash equivalents to their highest and best use, accomplishing principal protection, predictable income and growth potential.
Betterment | New York, NY |  Betterment
Our job as advisors is to help our clients identify – and achieve – their lifetime goals. When it comes to building portfolios for long term goals, we choose Betterment. Betterment’s technology allows us to build tax efficient, low cost, passive portfolios that seek higher after tax returns, helping to simplify the investment process, and leaving more time for us to focus on you, our clients.  Betterment was founded in 2008 and manages more than $8 billion in assets.
Employee Fiduciary | Mobile, AL |  Employee Fiduciary
When hired to help small businesses review, design, or manage their 401(k) plans, our chosen partner is Employee Fiduciary. Together, The Prudent Planner & Employee Fiduciary provide small businesses owners / employees with access to retirement plans, low expenses, quality investment choices, and financial guidance typically reserved for much larger employers. Founded in 2005, the company administers more than 3,000 401(k) plans with nearly $3 billion in assets.