Our commitment
  • Transparent fees
  • Low-cost, reputable fund choices
  • Open architecture
  • Expert financial guidance
  • Employee-friendly technology
Strategy Keep expenses low by minimizing asset-based fees when possible.

When it comes to choosing investments– focus on the fundamentals of asset allocation, diversification, and low costs.

We suggest a three tier fund line up:

Tier 1 – devoted to target date index-oriented funds or managed options

Tier 2 – broad based index-oriented funds

Tier 3 – Expanded line up with additional index-oriented funds, actively managed funds, or specialty investments.

Type of Investments


Quality, low-cost mutual funds / exchange traded funds (ETFs)
Fund Families Though our 401(k) plans are open architecture and can incorporate multiple fund families; we primarily choose Vanguard funds given their low-expense and reputation.
All-in-Fee¹ ²


Transparent fees

We are always 100% transparent regarding the fees you pay.

$1,000 one-time conversion fee¹

$1,500 annual administration fee²

0.08% annual asset Fee

0.50% annual advisor Fee

0.12% annual Vanguard fund line up expense

Total Dollars / % =   $9,500 / 0.95% Less than 1% “all-in-fee”

¹Set up, conversion, and annual administrative fees are flat fees, not asset-based fees. We do this to keep administrative fees low, even as plan assets continue to grow.
²This plan assumes group 401(k) plan with 25 participants, $1 million in assets, and standard Vanguard fund line up.  Please keep in mind as each plan is unique to your requirements, your “all-in-fee” me be greater or less than the fees outlined above.  Our comittment is to always be 100% transparent with fees so you can make the best decisions.